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April 20, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Green Offices in Bryanston Save More than the Environment


New and brilliant green office spaces in BryanstonBesides the obvious reason that eco-friendly buildings spare natural resources and minimize our carbon footprint, business owners may be interested to learn that by letting a green office space in Bryanston, Sandton, they will also save their own greens. Indeed, innovative technology can drastically lower operating costs, allowing businesses to spend their budget on other necessities. 

Bryanston’s latest commercial property, Knightsbridge, has been designed to achieve a 4-Star Green Star SA rating and this leading design has attracted a lot of attention, from big corporations to businesses looking for small office spaces. The office park’s own real estate investment trust, Emira, plans to relocate to the new property.

The development will consist of seven buildings which all employ resource-efficient state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical installations. An example of this would be the chilled water systems, an air cooling system which saves energy so that the offices stay fresh without the hefty electricity bill associated with regular air-conditioners.

Lighting can account for up to a quarter of a commercial property’s electricity bill. Knightsbridge will utilize occupancy sensor lighting which can reduce consumption drastically. Innovations like this combined with the fact that Bryanston is a thriving commercial area with an ever-increasing demand for office spaces has made Knightsbridge an obvious choice. 

The property will also boast beautiful lush grounds for employees to enjoy during their lunch break. The gardens will be watered using rainwater harvesting irrigation and the trees themselves will be recycled in a way. The plot’s trees were transplanted before construction started to a temporary nursery. They will be replanted once the landscape is ready.

Knightsbridge’s P-grade green office standards and environmentally aware principles will surely set a new standard for Bryanston and surrounding areas such as Fourways and Lone Hill. Phase one is already renting out offices and the next phases will be ready to let in due time.