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June 22, 2018
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July 16, 2018

Knightsbridge- Commercial Rental with a Conscience


Going green has become a global concern. More and more industry leaders are choosing practices that go hand-in-hand with environmental awareness. The business world is changing. How can your business keep up with the eco-revolution?

Knightsbridge commercial rentals are the answer. Going green has never been easier!

Go Green with a Savvy Commercial Rentalcommercial rental with a green twist

Rentals in Knightsbridge use resources wisely. Standby generators and also a back-up water supply come standard. Mechanical and electrical installations optimize resources. A chilled water system, lighting sensors, access control, CCTV and rainwater irrigation are all in place.

Knightsbridge rentals receive a P-grade rating and the office park achieves a 4-Star Green Star SA rating.  As a result, all rentals have a low carbon footprint. As a tenant, enjoy the benefits of going green without the effort!

At Knightsbridge, nature and tenants are in perfect balance. Rentals are placed in a lush urban park. Added to this, cycling and running trails, roof gardens and many outdoor office spaces create an office lifestyle like no other. Therefore biodiversity is seen at every turn.

Green design as a result, creates a calm working environment in an office park bustling with big thinkers and industry leaders. Pause spaces, landscaping and public art installations increase this commercial space’s value. Stunning offices paired with top-notch security complete the picture.

Green surroundings in these amazing commercial rental spacesKnightsbridge rentals are the ideal of conscious design. Nature, design and also tenants’ needs are all given top priority. Take a walk around this office park. The birds chirping in the trees speaks for itself.

In today’s global climate, your business cannot afford to ignore the environment and consequently Knightsbridge makes going green simple.

Find out more about a commercial rental in this lush office park today. It is the best decision- for the earth, and for your business.