Commercial Rental with a Conscience
June 22, 2018
An unparalleled office park
July 16, 2018

Invest in Knightsbridge


Business owners are always looking at the bottom line. What makes the best business sense? How do you make your buck go further? Can good business and going green go hand in hand? 

While looking for the best office park, the answers become simple. Investing in Knightsbridge is the best choice, for at least 5 reasons.

1. Location

In central Bryanston, Knightsbridge is easy to reach. This cuts down commute-times, keeping workers happy. Close to hospitals, banks, and shops, all anyone may need is within reach.  Lower employee turnover means more money to grow your business. Therefore, it just makes sense!

2. Resource Efficient

The efficient offices make the most of resources. A chilled water system, lighting sensors, access control, CCTV and not to mention, rainwater irrigation creates great financial savings. These features come standard, meaning a large saving with little effort. Of course this leaves you with more buck in the bank!

3. World-class FacilitiesKnightsbridge is developed with world-class ingenuity

Knightsbridge office park boasts a central restaurant with boardroom facilities, outdoor office spaces, and entertainment areas. In addition, the urban park features relaxation and exercise spaces. By providing everything you need, an office in Knightsbridge means less money is spent on renting outside facilities.

4. Going Green

Knightsbridge achieves a 4-Star Green Star SA rating. The low carbon footprint saves in fuel costs and is most certainly a sound investment in the future. Businesses can’t afford to ignore the environment in their practices. This particular office park truly makes going green simple.

5. Security

Perimeter and access-control security create a safe public zone. Buildings are access-controlled. Crime creates huge losses to businesses every year. Lowering the threat of criminal activity brings great savings. Peace of mind is priceless!

Knightsbridge is a savvy investment, for your business and for the future. Offices are going fast. Enquire today to avoid missing out on this incredible opportunity!