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April 20, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Why Corporate Wellbeing Is A Big Deal


Why the sudden interest in the general health of a corporate business’ staff? Well in a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of their fitness and nutritional wellbeing, employees are endeavouring to make time during their work day for exercise. 

Getting to the gym and back to the office on time can be a stressful feat and not to mention it can eat into employer’s work time. Hence the need for commercial properties which offer close proximity to places of fitness. In addition to this, it really is in an employer’s best interest to have healthy staff members and here’s why.

Corporate wellbeing realised at Knightsbridge

Less Sick Days

Healthy people have stronger immune systems and are less likely to suffer from serious long-term illnesses. Fewer sick days means that other staff members aren’t loaded down with excess work in an attempt to cover for absent employees. And of course, working in a small office space creates ideal conditions for germs to spread but with a healthier team, there is less chance of those dreaded colds and flu being passed around to each person in the workplace.

Improved Work Performance

Research has shown that each assignment a person undertakes slowly drains their psychological resources which means that the quality of their work will gradually decline throughout the workday. Setting aside time to exercise or even just taking a stroll outdoors does wonders for a person mentally. It’s been shown that it increases creativity, concentration and the ability to make decisions. 

Positive Work Environment 

Other proven benefits of exercise are self-confidence, higher energy levels and less stress. These qualities inspire an overall high morale and when people are happy in their workplace they are less likely to leave for another job opportunity. This means that a business will have a low staff turnover avoiding the admin and cost involved with recruitment. 

Finding the Right Office Space for Corporate Wellbeing

There’s little doubt that a positive office space is closely linked to the overall wellness of its staff members. So where can one find a commercial property to let which is conducive to exercising and spending time outdoors? In the bustling business hub that is Bryanston, a brand new development ticks all the boxes. 

Knightsbridge consists of seven buildings offering office spaces to let. One of the attractive features of this office park is that it’s built around a central urban park. Trees were salvaged from the land before construction started and they have been temporarily transplanted in another nursery which ensures that the urban forest’s mature trees will provide cool shade day one. 

The lush area will provide street furniture allowing employees to get out of the office, enjoy their lunch outdoors and take some time be mindful in the serene space. Dedicated footpaths will run throughout the park encouraging walking and running while cyclist facilities make cycling to work, that much simpler. The offices will also be within walking distance of well-known gyms in the Bryanston area. 

Having this variety of exercise options and natural surroundings allows employees to maintain their wellbeing on whichever platform they prefer and at whichever fitness level they’re at. No doubt the business owners who rent these office spaces will see the benefits of corporate wellness.