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April 20, 2018
The Best Location To Grow Your Business From
May 24, 2018

Relocate To Bryanston Offices


Before signing your next commercial property lease, consider how the location and standards of your office space will affect your business’ success. A centrally situated office, such as the Bryanston offices, will make the commute easier for employees and clients while superior working conditions will create a more productive work environment and convey a sense of professionalism to clients.

Knightsbridge Business Park


Knightsbridge is a new business park located on Bryanston’s well known Sloane Street and provides easy access to the N1 highway and surrounding Sandton business hubs. Employees working at the commercial property will be able to use public transport with ease as the area is on the Gautrain’s Bus Route.


The offices also offer close proximity to shopping centres and gyms while the property itself provides running tracks and outdoor seating areas in its lush urban forest. The centrally located restaurant will offer employees a convenient and lively place to have lunch or discuss ideas over a cup of coffee while the boardroom will be available to all offices in the park.


Another attractive feature of this Bryanston commercial development is its innovative design. It has achieved a 4-Star Green Star SA rating with its use of resource efficient electrical and mechanical installations. This lowers the expense of an office’s typical operating costs such as lighting, air-conditioning and irrigation.

This state-of-the-art technology has extended to the commercial property’s security measures, ensuring all offices are completely protected against theft while standby generators and backup water supplies provide tenants with further peace of mind. The office interiors create contemporary spaces with quality materials and finishes, ensuring employees feel content and motivated in their surroundings.

Now Letting!

Knightsbridge is now letting with some of its 29,352sqm of office space already occupied. Both business owners of large corporations, looking for numerous floors to lease, and those requiring just a small office space will find exactly what they’re searching for in this Bryanston P-grade commercial property.