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April 20, 2018
Relocate to Bryanston Offices
April 20, 2018

Office Spaces To Let – Like No Other!

Sandton is without a doubt known for its bustling business hubs, creating a greater demand for office spaces and commercial properties. Introducing Knightsbridge, a contemporary business park in Bryanston which offers far more than you’d expect from the average office rentals.

The park will consist of seven buildings, accommodating large and small businesses alike. Leases have already been signed by large corporations which will occupy thousands of square meters while Knightsbridge will also cater to boutique businesses looking for small office spaces to let.

What makes these commercial properties so attractive is their layout. The Bryanston development has been designed around the concept of a central urban park which surrounds buildings with lush greenery and provides employees with running tracks and outdoor relaxation spaces.

Recent studies regarding the importance of relaxation and nature have made an impact on most businesses who now see the importance of their employees feeling rejuvenated during the workday.

It’s now known that providing staff with an office space which allows them to unwind, means more productive work hours. Finding such modern offices in an area as central as Bryanston makes Knightsbridge an ideal commercial property.

Tenants of these office spaces will also benefit from boardroom facilities, entertainment spaces, rooftop gardens and a centrally located restaurant. This allows lunch breaks and meetings effortless, as you don’t even have to leave the property.


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